Fluke Product Launch Campaign
Objective: Develop marketing materials and interactive web page to be used in a marketing campaign to promote a new Fluke thermal imager.  
Visual design of website was based on sketches from a round table meeting with marketing. Selected the Drupal before and after slide module for the site and then designed both the look and feel of the campaign. 
Process: Concepting started with a full page ad. Once the ad was approved, then I carried that look and feel to the other digital marketing materials.
Additional comments: GDUSA American Inhouse Design Awards Winner
Rebranding of the Fluke Biomedical Website
Overview: Fluke Biomedical had two acquisitions and customer base was expanding. Based on this the Fluke Biomedical brand needed to evolve and incorporate the other two brands. Link to the current website.
My contributions: Visual design of website, color palette, and developed icons. Work based on research done by an agency.
Process: For this project I was part of a innovation workshop where we did rapid prototypes and VOC based on our hypothesis. Before doing wireframes, we went out on customer interviews to get their feedback and observe their buying process. Used Hotjar for web ghosting. Used Abobe's XD prototype app to develop website, then we went back out to customers to get there input. 
Software used: XD, Illustrator, Hotjar for research, Slack for communication with drupal themer
Fluke Infrared Learning Center
Overview: Sales had requested an online tool to receive qualified leads and reduce phone calls to the inside sales team. The team came up with a solution center concept, a site that would answer some basic questions and guide the user to finding the tool that best suited their needs. 
My contributions: Visual design of website, art direction of photos and worked with Drupal themer and developers. From this we did targeted marketing campaigns based on personas. 
Process: For this project I was part of a marketing obeya team. The decisions and designs and development were very fluid. Provided wireframes for approval then did the visual design. Each section was built as a module, this way the modules could be repurposed for other customized campaigns.  
Software used: Photoshop
Additional comments: GDUSA web design award
fluke Accelix landing page
Overview: PR needed a landing page to show investors and the press about the upcoming Fluke system of tools and software. They needed it quickly and unsure of its content. The image on the left was a mockup I created in Mobirise, drupal based website builder. The image of the right is the mockup that was handed off to the drupal developer. 
I also proposed a video for the header area so the viewer could get an idea of the connections between devise, user and software.
Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Mobirise
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