website concepts for Fluke Calibration Drupal migration
my role
Developed concepts based on UX test results, and VOC. Based on these results we found the navigation, home and product pages needed to be revised. Worked closely with the UX designer, marcom and marketing. The designs were then took to focus groups for testing. For the header I proposed having a video representing the depth and quality of out products.
Software used: Created the icons in Illustrator and mockups and video in Photoshop
Product touch screen concepts
My role
Did visual design concepts based on UI/UX designers layout and scenarios. Fluke products have strict product guidelines and a consistent use of icons and fonts. Worked closely with the UI Architect and presented several interaction concepts. 
Input from the UI Architect
We experimented with the use of icons versus just text, style of buttons, font sizes, and micro-interactions.
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