Fluke accelix branding
Objective: To launch a new platform called Fluke Accelix®. This platform included a recently acquired company, eMaint™ CMMS software solutions, Fluke wireless tools, Fluke Connect® measurements and assets software, Fluke Condition Monitoring hardware and software, and any future software and wireless hardware products. Fluke is known as a hardware company and Fluke Accelix was entering into a noisy market, so it needed to differentiate itself and still look like its part of the Fluke family of products.
Process: Part of a marketing obeya team. Developed logo, color palette, infographic to explain what Fluke Accelix is, marketing materials as examples, booth graphics and a live Drupal based website prototype that was handed over to developers.  
Various logos
Fluke biomedical branding
Overview: The Fluke Biomedical brand was inconsistent and lacked the emphasis associated with other market leading companiesFortify Fluke Biomedical brand to increase value to the customer and drive business relationships supported by customer loyalty and recognition.
Process: Worked closely with the marcom manager on ad concepts with different messaging, color palette, photo style. Analyzed past VOC and new focus group interviews in the US and Germany to validate work done resonated with the audience.
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