my role
I was part of a small innovation workshop and my official role was "the hacker," which is to find new and better ways to do things. I provided digital assets, mockups and applied design thinking to the corporate strategy. 
the charter
How do we effectively use digital marketing to generate leads and convert prospects to a sale. Create concise definition by each persona of the most effective digital sources and assets to convert them to a sale.
the approach
We needed to understand the buying process of biomedical engineers, technicians and dental offices. What was the customer needing and looking for when coming to the website, where were they getting lost. Throughout the project we conducted customer interviews, surveys, creating rapid prototypes based on those results.​​​​​​​
My action items:
Cold calling to a list of customers to set up 30-minute interviews with the team
Create heat maps to see where the customer is clicking
Ethnography: online ghosting (using hot jar), live chat, secret shopper and inside sales call listening for each persona
Web survey analysis
Draw out themes and patterns
High-fidelity mockups
Website prototype
the discoveries
Created personas based on the information and buying processes of our customers. After this process we had a better understanding of what the customers pain points were and what they really needed.
We discovered we needed to revise the website. Customers wanted self serve information like quick how-to videos and needed​​​​​​​ an instant quote or buy now function. Customer needed an easy way purchase through the website for low cost items.
the fun part
We started out with stacks of sticky notes. From those sticky notes, quick prototypes were developed and tested. During this process, we worked closely with many departments including sales, marketing for content, and UX Manager.
the results
I produced a working prototype in Adobe XD that was used to show customers and management for further testing and feedback. 
Provided stylesheets, created icons, and produced design elements for the coder to build from.
Pressure Calibration Product Interface
my role
Produce product interface designs for a Fluke meter based on the UI architect input (top row). Created the grid, icons based on functions, detailed specs for product developer.
The process
Fluke products have strict product guidelines and a consistent use of icons. I collaborated with the product manager and UI manager to present interaction concepts. Most of Fluke users need to wear very large gloves so the touch screens needed to accommodate that.
Software used
Illustrator, and Photoshop
Fluke Biomedical Software
my role
In 2013 I worked closely with our UI designer to develop responsive windows based software. From the UI designers input (above), I provided concepts for the to team review. Once approved, I provided the grid, icons, text, color specs for software programmers.
Software used
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