cabling survey book for fluke networks
Overview: Collaborated with Art Director of Fluke Networks to develop a 16-page digital book.  
Software used: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Excel for input of data
Overview: Collaborated with Design Manager on a series of static and animated infographics.
Software used: InDesign for storyboard, Illustrator, Animate
Infographic to explain how the indji watch system works
Overview: Collaborated with Marketing Manager on a marketing campaigns that include infographics, flyers, and web banners.
Software used: InDesign, Illustrator
Infographic to explain how different fluke systems work together with accelix
Overview: Collaborated with the marketing and sales team to graphically describe how these different systems worked together. The infographic needed to stand alone in a tradeshow and to be used in marketing materials.
Software used: Illustrator
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